How to Get Backlinks From YouTube that Most People Miss Out On

If you are just here to learn how to get backlinks from YouTube then you are in for a treat, this video won’t just show you how to do that, it will also show you how to get links from other YouTube members pages.

Before that, I have to admit: OK, I’ve been a little lazy on my last 2 posts and they were more for fun than to give out any real information but gimme a break! That’s why I have a ‘Just Blogging?’ category! All work and no play…

Anyways, this particular post will teach you a method to get backlinks from YouTube that many people will not even know about. I came across this video via Twitter originally I believe, and I have to say that if you are not doing what is laid out in this video, you are missing out on a TON of extra links to your site.

Video courtesy of Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips. Go pay her a visit, she has a lot of interesting stuff going on over at her site, and at her YouTube Channel and at Twitter…. *Sigh, where do ya get the time and energy Ileane? lol

6 thoughts on “How to Get Backlinks From YouTube that Most People Miss Out On”

  1. Cool video, really informative. I guess I’m one of those people who are unaware of what YouTube can do for my site, so I’ll try this out and see where it goes! Thanks for the great share!

  2. Thanks for the method, after reading this post next time i’ll never miss any chance to drop my link on youtube. lol

    1. I would think the answer is yes, any internal linking on YouTube is bound to be helpful for ranking the video even if the other backlinks spoken about are not that good. (Not saying they aren’t good btw!)

      Pop over and ask Ileane is probably the best bet. Let us know what she says. 🙂

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