My Middle Name is Not ‘Idiot’

My Middle Name Is Not Idiot

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Hmm, “My middle name is not ‘idiot‘” is a really strange title huh?

It is however a good way of showing you just how pathetic some of the evidence that you are given by ‘gurus’ is.


They say…

“I rank No4 and beat over 1,000,000 websites for the search term ‘blahblahblahkeyword'”..

In your face! I just beat 59,500,000 for the search term…

My Middle Name is NOT ‘Idiot’

in under 20 seconds.

My Middle Name Is Not Idiot


Nobody bloody types ‘my middle name is not idiot’  into search engines though, much like your stupid ‘guru’ examples which are designed to target newbs and take their money!

That’s right faithful reader, nobody ever types the shit they give you as an example into the search engines so they very likely don’t see a single visitor for that keyword.

It’s also dead easy to rank for in seconds because nobody else gives a toss about ranking for it. There is nobody to beat because there are no searchers…

…No searchers…

…No profit to be made.

Try pulling the wool over our eyes a new way gurus, we have that one covered. 😉

My Name Still Isn't Idiot

My middle name isn’t idiot ya know!

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4 thoughts on “My Middle Name is Not ‘Idiot’”

  1. Haha, awesome post!

    Yeah, and sometimes they show you how they rank for a certain keyword that DOES have a lot of searches, but they don’t use a proxy. So Google shows them what they want to see – pages they have visited and liked before, namely their own pages.

    Such a pity that Google destroyed It was an easy way to check the real placement in Google.

    1. Good point! I didn’t take that into account Britt, thanks for pointing it out.

      I miss Scroogle too, I guess it might be a blessing that it’s gone in one way for constant stat checkers.

  2. Another thing to remember about those “I rank better than xxxxx web pages” claims it this.

    I just typed in a search term about the town I live in here in the Philippines. I knew Google world find something, becuase I had written about it. Sure enough, I was on page one of:

    About 814,000 results (0.77 seconds)

    But did I really “beat out” 814,000 other pages? Umm, not really. If you were to follow that search through the pages of SERP results to the end you would come to this notice:

    Page 3 of about 243 results (0.77 seconds)

    So I guess I can say I beat 240 other pages, since I came in at number 3 for this very obscure phrase, but I sure as the dickens didn’t beat out 814,00-. Kind of a big differences there.

    1. I hadn’t even noticed that side of it to be honest, just tried it for the search “my middle name is not idiot” and got back something similar…

      Page 23 of about 222 results (0,81 seconds)

      Seems I’m only in position 2 now by the way, very upset here. I’ll have to start building a private blog network linking to this post to take back position 1. haha

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