Infopreneur vs Author vs Scampreneur (And why the Author Always Loses!)

Infopreneur definition

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Just want to write books?

Do so if that floats your boat, but when your books don’t fly off the digital shelves don’t get to feeling down as that is the choice YOU have made!

First, let’s quote the business dictionary and “H. Skip Weitzen” who apparently registered the phrase “infopreneur” as a trademark…

“a person who gathers, organizes, and disseminates information as a business venture or as a value-added service.”

Infopreneur definition

This could be you! Are you an author and an entrepreneur who is trying to get your work out to the masses on a budget?

If that description fits you then you hopefully also realize that you don’t know it all. You are just doing what you can to start the ball rolling off your own back which is admirable! I don’t just say that to kiss your ass, I spent years myself trying to sell books and the only reason I did better than the average author was because I understood Amazon Kindle keyword research¬†because of YEARS of learning about keyword research while building websites.

Then you have to consider, is anyone actually looking to buy the books you want to sell? If you are doing it just for the love of creating, this won’t be a concern and this article isn’t for you. If it is a concern however that link above might help out.

Then you have to consider getting your books into real bookstores!

If all that isn’t your bag then you might want to outsource to the professional “infopreneurs” whose service is there just for you. If you don’t have the folding stuff for it, that’s just tough shit. Get your ass on the treadmill and make things happen (which includes educating yourself) or your going nowhere.

Seriously, join the “moan about successful people” forums. those people who have no time to promote, educate themselves on how to promote, or find like-minded action takers rather than spend their time moaning.


Moan/Hire somebody

Moan/Do some work

Make your choices!

Still want to stay just an author? That’s really fine, honestly, you can do that! But accept what an author is…

“Author.” Straightforward enough right, needs no definition does it? Well, I’ll give one anyway as many authors believe they should be getting paid for just being an author.

Definition of Author

So there you have it, an author just makes stuff with no intention of making it popular or getting it in front of people. Am I right? Is there a definition elsewhere that includes mentions of untold riches for people who only create something?

I can hear the screeches about me demeaning the value of creative people here, but that’s not my intention at all. My intention is to draw the “authors” attention to the fact that you will never get paid for your work unless you become an infopreneur, or bring an infopreneur on board to be someone who “gathers, organizes and disseminates information as a business venture or as a value-added service” for you.

If you don’t, and you stick to being the author who doesn’t want or need the help of anybody then I’m afraid it is highly likely that you’re going nowhere fast, and maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy.

I missed “Scampreneur” right? If you want to know about how to NOT go about infopreneuring and find out how I was actually accused of scamming the system with my own infopreneuring: Scammers Break the Kindle Store

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