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I've read quite a few books on self-publishing and (obviously) there is good and bad out there, here are the books that I personally recommend. Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success - Mark Coker

Confused about how best to use Amazon Kindle keywords? This video will show you how a fiction author used Kindle search keywords to help push his book to bestseller status

Amazon Kindle Keyword Research Auto-Complete Method

Choosing Kindle categories is a bloody nightmare over at KDP with the little box they put you in! Here's an Amazon Kindle book categories list that is far easier to navigate for all you authors out there who find choosing Kindle categories as much of a task as I do.

Learn how to get backlinks from YouTube that many people know nothing about. If you are not doing this, you are missing out on TONS of links to your site.

Spam me... For crying out loud just get it over with!

My middle name is not 'idiot'' is a really strange title huh?

It is however a good way of showing you just how pathetic some of the evidence that you are given by 'Gurus' actually is and how it is designed to take your money out of your pocket by

My Middle Name Is Not Idiot

Have you ever been on one of those webinars where they ask you questions that any donkey with half a brain would say 'yes' to before, during and right at the selling point?
If you have then you may be one of the victims of

We've all seen the over used titles saying "Who Else Wants to Know [insert incredible benefit/secret here]".
Why do people keep using it? What is (or was) so special about this heading?