Internet Marketing Resources for New Internet Marketers

This list of internet marketing resources for new internet marketers will be added to, or have items removed from it quite regularly, so bookmark it to keep up to date! 🙂 It’s a work in constant flow according to what I find out there and what becomes obsolete so to speak.

Everything here has been used by myself or recommended to me by people I know and trust intimately, and as such, all get a ‘not crap’ Think Click Rich thumbs up award for the best internet marketing resources available. 🙂

Amazon Resources


Yasiv – A neat little visualization tool to find out what’s popular, what’s related and also what items are bought together on Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Training

Easy Paycheck Formula – Amazon training from Sara Young, a stay at home mom.

Amazon WordPress Plugins

Affiliate Product Comparison Tables – Make Amazon sites more visitor friendly with this easy to use Amazon comparison plugin.



Google Analytics

Google Webmasters Tools

Bing Webmasters Tools

Article Writing Resources

The Best Spinner – Great tool if used wisely, don’t abuse it!

The Content Authority – Great place to outsource writing, they also hire writers if you want to make money online writing for others.

Browser Extensions


Patience young Jedi… They will come!

Google Chrome

Create Link – Quick easy way to create links without HTML knowledge.

Freshstart Cross Browser Session Manager – Different browser/tab sessions for work/play.

Lastpass – Keep forgetting passwords?

Note Anywhere – What it says on the can.

NoFollow – Find out if links are nofollow or dofollow.

Page Snooze – Snooze a tab so it re-appears after a set amount of days.

SEO Status – Alexa rank, pagerank, whois, backlink check and domain availability.

Stay Focusd – Block those meddling sites that sidetrack you… For a while.

Wolfram | Alpha – Subject research

Xmarks Bookmark Sync – Keep the same bookmarks on different browsers and on different computers, tablets or phones.

Internet Explorer

You’re kidding right?


Copy eClass (Expensive but excellent training)

Email Marketing Resources



Email Marketing Training



Premium List Magnet


Hostgator (The best, period)

Internet Marketing Training Courses and Coaching

You could spend months just trying to find a course that works, the courses below are not BS or scams and they will work IF YOU DO!

Wealthy Affiliate – Just looking at the 10 day free trial on this is an education!

The Keyword Academy – Training for beginners with tools inclusive. Also a helpful, active community forum.

Bring the Fresh – Down to earth internet marketing training for beginners with advanced option when you are ready.

Easy Paycheck Formula – Good choice for the ladies? Amazon training from Sara Young, a stay at home mom.

Strayblogger Training – Internet marketing video training. Nate Rivers (the owner) is always quick to help out when needed.

5 Minute Money Makers – Short PDF course teaching how to earn a little extra with those short spare periods of time you may have spare.

Keyword Research

Keyword Researcher

Market Samurai

A book by yours truly on how to find long tail keywords (You’ll really like this one! 😉 )

Keyword Tracking

Microsite Masters


Miscellaneous Internet Marketers Resources

Web Archive – Home to the Wayback Machine

Product Creation Resources

To come…


5 Minute Money Makers – Not a tool, a short training PDF teaching how to use your spare time to earn a little extra.

Nozbe – Managing your projects and setting goals

CloudHQ – Syncs Google drive, Evernote and Dropbox plus a few others





Google Drive

Revenue Sharing Websites




She Told Me

Social Bookmarking and Promotion

Just Retweet – Find interesting stuff for your followers and get your stuff re-tweeted for free into the bargain

Social Monkee


WordPress Resources


Profits Theme

Thesis Theme

Socrates Theme


This is a list of plugins I use on various sites, not all will be of use in every case so be sure it is a plugin that will be of use to you before installing.

Too many plugins can slow down your site so be selective! *Starred plugins are in my humble opinion a must.

Commentluv Premium

Broken link checker*

Official Statcounter plugin* – Visitor analysis

Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu – Not a must but speeds up everyday use of WordPress IMO.

WP total cache (advanced users) or WP super cache (Basic)


Subscribe to comments

OpenHook Customizations Manager

WordPress SEO* Note: This also adds a sitemap to your site, I have heard it said that the Google XML sitemaps plugin is bad for your onsite SEO as it is configured upon installation so I prefer to trust in Yoast to do the right thing with this plugin. (I’m no expert here so I’ll refer you on to start investigation on this matter if you choose here.

Limit login attempts** – Helps stop hackers

WP-Ban** – Stop hackers from even seeing your site. (After you get an IP address from limit login attempts plugin)

WPHeadline – Awesome headlines and graphics for your sales pages or just to spruce up your posts.

WPtouch* – Sets up site for mobile with minimum fuss.

Amazon Affiliate Product Comparison Tables –

WhyDoWork AdSense Plugin – Easily integrate AdSense ads into your posts and pages

** Thanks to Andy Bailey of CommentLuv for his input on these particular plugins.

Note: Although there are many affiliate links within this page, (that will not affect the price you pay) there are also many free resources. I hope you think I am providing enough value with this list for you to use said affiliate links IF they are products that will be of use to you.

If not, I’m sure you are big and ugly enough to google an affiliate free link for yourself. If you do go through my links, thank you! I appreciate it.


  1. Dana Rock

    Wow! Great list! Mailchimp is really a great resource too for autoresponders and mailing lists. I use it because it is free – I plan to make a switch to aweber once I make more money, but I do love mailchimp.

    1. Chris Naish

      Thanks for the input Dana,

      I did actually sign up for mailchimp and then decided against using it ‘cos I knew there would be a headache involved when I did want to migrate to Aweber.

      From what I have learned, Aweber has the best record for actually delivering mail without hitting the spambox which is why I chose them.

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