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Lets get the boring “about me” post sorted before I begin on the site in earnest…

Erm… About Me

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been looking for a way out of the rat race. Jobs piss me off, working for people pisses me off, and what pisses me off even more: Working for somebody when they think they are better, or smarter than you just because they ass kissed their way into a slightly higher than you, slavery position. (Which you could do easily and better, but don’t, because you don’t kiss ass!)

You know the people right? Well, since day 1 of starting what we called “work experience,” (practice for a real job, where they paid peanuts for your hard work) back in my hometown of Cardiff Wales in the UK, I was already looking for a way off that treadmill.

Hmm… I didn’t realize just how angry I was at the misery of “being employed” until I just re-read that!

Moving on…

A Kids Miserable Failure in a Business Venture & a Valuable Lesson

I remember when I was around 16 (commencement of work experience time roughly) I convinced a friend of mine to go into “business” with me after I had read an ad of some sort. I can’t remember what it said now, or even where I read it, but it must have had a good call to action because days later me and my buddy were sticking hundreds of stamps onto hundreds of envelopes ready to send off to our new “employer” who would pay us a few pence per envelope, with stamp attached which was completed.

We packaged the first batch of envelopes up and posted them off, smug grins on our faces as we strolled back from the post office while chatting about how we would reinvest the profits into more stamps and envelopes once we got paid.

About a week later we got a letter back telling us the stamps were a couple of millimeters out of place… they weren’t paying us. I was most unsettled by this, my friend was just downright angry and wanted to punch my face in. We had both just blew what little money we had on my hair-brained scheme.

My first failure in business but I learned one of the most valuable lessons in my life that day:

Don’t try to get rich by sticking stamps on envelopes!

Anyway, I’ve been at it (“it” being trying to get rich) since I was about 16 in some manner on and off with this “escape the rat race” mentality without hardly a day going by where I don’t fantasize about being my own boss. I’ve had a few successes, a lot of failures but never quite got to the quit your job stage. There was light at the end of this tunnel however when I found a few of the people I’m about to thank below.


Some Thanks

First off, I’d like to thank Griz for his inspiring blogspot which has now long since vanished. I spent a lot of money on garbage in my very early days of trying to make money online. I’m not saying you don’t have to spend money or shouldn’t spend money to make money online, as a matter of fact there are great paid resources out there. As a beginner however, you never quite know who is giving great info from those who are looking to make a quick buck out of you.

Anyway, Griz was the straight shooter that showed me (and many others) the error of my (our) ways through his site. I wish I had stumbled across him a couple of years earlier.

Secondly, The Keyword Academy (TKA) which was started by Courtney Tuttle and Mark Butler are more than deserving of a mention here. I joined up on recommendation from Griz’s blog and it was the smartest move I ever made in this business.

Third up a big shout out to Fraser Cain.

A few of years back I was building sites about all sorts of “stuff”, and writing more (very average) “stuff” to link back and rank said sites. The same kind of “stuff” over and over, and over, and over again. I pretty much hated every minute of it, I liked the money it made me but the tasks were mind numbing, and soul destroying most nights which is why I often cheated and payed someone to write the articles for me.

To digress: This site is I guess a little bit like a playground for me. (to steal the words of a friend called Lissie) It sits idle for long periods until I find myself excited about something, or just want to test something. Back when I first started this site (as thinkclickandgrowrich.com… Yeah, too long I know! ;-)) A lot of people recommended not starting a blog about making money online. Others (sometimes the same people) recommended starting a site about what you are interested in, and love doing. Perhaps you will see the quandary I was in when I tell you that all I am REALLY interested in is making money online, learning how it’s done in different ways, and sometimes actually getting off my ass and doing it myself.

I’m rambling here… Just before I first started this site, Fraser just took a look at one of my old websites for me to see if it could stand up to a Google manual check. The first question he asked was…

“Are you interested in (Insert the mind numbingly boring niche here)”

I answered..


And he said…

“That’s a fail”

Hmm… My biggest earner! My pride and joy(?)!

I didn’t like it too much but he was right. We got to talking about what I am interested in and as soon as I got off Skype with Fraser I started this long winded about page.

Thanks Fraser, first for being cool enough to take the time to talk to all of us who were in the learning stages back then, and second for being one of the rare individuals who will state the truth, even if it’s not what people want to hear. Third, for breathing life into this site with your encouragement.

Next, I’d like to thank Joseph Archibald for introducing me to Kindle publishing, a big cut of my earnings now come from Amazon due to this quick chat. Never underestimate the power of getting to know others who work online, a few sentences from a new friend might result in a turning point from earning nothing, to finding traction.

My penultimate, grovelling thanks go to all the members of the Pond, especially Dave (the owner) who’s personal attention has helped me on more than one occasion. You guys rock!

Finally, and probably most importantly, a big thanks to Tom Dwyer. Tom had a huge online opportunity in about 2010 and was signing up sub affiliates like there was no tomorrow. he tried to sign me up after we got acquainted through a forum I believe(?) When I told him what I could do with WordPress to make sites for him, he made me a 50/50 partner on the spot.

We made good money for a little while until the company we were promoting went bust. (Another failure? I think not in the bigger scheme of things!) Tom is the least greedy, most helpful guy I have ever met in my life. He could have easily offered me a 25/75 deal in his favor, I would have snapped it up and he knew it. Instead he gave me a bigger goal by making me a partner.

Tom, I learned a hell of a lot in that short period of time when we were both working 16-18 hour days promoting our sites with the limited knowledge we had. We had success, we just built success on the sand instead of the rocks!


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  1. Tom Dwyer

    Hey, last but not least, Cool.

    Fix the words in my PR please, (ermmm “then Tom” and “find it out” )

    Yeah, we did learn a lot, with your trash compactor style of teaching. What’s that? Had enough information for today? Tired at the 17 hour mark mate? Here is some more knowledge for ya! Eat it up!

    For a weeee man, you sure are TALL in that learning and teaching department.

    Many people who give it to you straight and take risks are dicks at times.


    1. Well, what do you think of that, an about page with a comment. Am I Google proof yet? lol

      Many people who give it to you straight and take risks are dicks at times.

      Right! You my friend are the king of the dicks, thanks!

      Fix the words in my PR please, (ermmm “then Tom” and “find it out” )

      Nah, Nobody would know why you were ribbing me then. 😉 I’ll give you “then Tom” but “find out” looks fine to me. You know I don’t often make those mistakes Tom, must be the excitment of actually writing about some stuff I’m interested in. I can see why you f**k up so often now. lol

  2. Tom Dwyer

    That last line hurts.. But anyways.. Figured you might want to see what I’ve been doing.. Building sets, a video studio in my office and uploading my first photography tutorial on the site. I’m pretty proud of how it came out – so don’t be an ass and say something negative. lol Not until tomorrow at least… (Let me have this one day!)


    1. Chris Naish

      Tom, my hat is off to you sir!

      Keep those vid tutorials rolling out and you are sure to get more traffic and followers IMO.

      I bet you felt like an arse when you told everyone your email address though right? lol (Yeah, I had to get one kick in the bollocks in. 😉 )

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