Best WordPress Database Backup Plugin Review

A WordPress Database Backup Plugin: Why It Might Be The Most Important Purchase You Ever Make!

WordPress Database Backup

If you’re anything like me, you start out making a website and rely completely on the expertise of your hosting provider and the infallibility of the WordPress CMS, this is a mistake! After going down the road of having a profitable website go down I can tell you as fact that an automatic WordPress backup of some sort is a must. Imagine…

Your website which is making you $100 plus per month goes down and you have no clue how to bring it back to its former glory. Google starts dropping you from the rankings because something is wrong.

Who do you turn to?

How do you get back all of your articles?

It is so easy for somebody to hack into your site if you do not know how to stop them, this is definitely not a forte of mine so I use the ‘Locker’ service from Code Garage as my WordPress database backup and restore service. The owner, Peter Butler has personally helped me out when such an occurrence has happened to me and I can tell you that it was a load off my mind.

The service is pretty straightforward to use, anybody can learn how to use this backup WordPress plugin service quite easily at the site. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up at (You get a 7 day free trial by the way with this link)
  • Log in and click the ‘add a site button’
  • Enter your sites login URL into the box provided (see below)

Wordpress Database Backup

Next up, we need to download the WordPress backup plugin. Just click the button as shown below.

WordPress Backup Plugin

Now upload the plugin to WordPress and activate it.
Hit the ‘next step’ button back over at Code Garage.
Click the ‘check connection’ button and if everything is fine, your site backup is active so just click ‘finish’.
WordPress Plugin Backup

That’s you done! Easy huh? All you have left to do is enjoy the peace of mind that this WordPress plugin backup service is bringing you.

There are a few more free benefits to this WordPress backup plugin that I have not mentioned yet by the way. You also get:

  • Hack Scanning
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Backup WordPress database daily
  • 30 day WP database backup history

As you can see from the screen-shots, this is a backup software review on a product that I actually use myself. It has saved my ass once, and for the price I wouldn’t be without it on any site I own now. Just that one problem rectified saved me over 1k per year in income, more than paying for the monthly fees, not to mention the work of rewriting all of the content!

When you take into account the fact that you get free help when restoring your sites this has to be the best WordPress backup plugin on the market.

Try out this Excellent WordPress DB backup service free for 7 days HERE!

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