How to Find Long Tail Keywords for Your Niche Using SEO Analysis From Alexa

how to find long tail keywordsNote: This is an old article and as Alexa removed free signup it no longer works. This book does however!how to find good keywords

I guess a lot of people out there who are new to internet marketing can’t really afford to splash out a lot of money for a keyword research tool that has either a monthly billing cycle or a even a one off payment. Even if you can, do you really know how to go about using it to find profitable keywords?

Yep, the answer from most of you will be “no”, or you likely wouldn’t be here reading this right now. It’s all about educated guesses from a keyword tool that gives flawed results most times. As Mark Butler from the keyword Academy is fond of reminding us students, we have to cast a large net by using lots of long tails to see what will get us some action.

Anyways, I guess it’s your lucky day, it just so happens that I am putting together my own free keyword research method that will hopefully shortcut just doing a lot of keyword searching that might not be as effective as actually finding out what is already working for other website owners in your niche.

I’ve been testing it out a little and I expect good results but as with anything in this game it will take time to prove its worth. I hope you’ll be as interested in how this turns out as I am and take the time to look in and see how results progress.

To prove the technique works to both myself and you, I’ll make a new article which will be the testing ground. The ‘niche’ will be around the book Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. A book I have owned since I was around 20 years of age. I suggest you read it by the way!

For this particular method I want to find some base keywords for testing in the Think and grow rich keyword niche. I’ll find them using the Google Adwords keyword tool. To get those base ideas, Here are the steps to take:

  1. Visit the link above and type in a keyword related to what you want to write about I’m typing in ‘think and grow rich‘ obviously :-p.
  2. On the left side you will see the words ‘Broad’ ‘Exact’ and ‘Phrase’. Uncheck Broad and check the Exact box
  3. Check the box next to ‘Only show ideas closely related to my search terms’
  4. Set the Advanced options and filters to ‘United States’ and ‘English’. (Click the little + button to do this)
  5. Fill out the Captcha
  6. Hit the ‘Search’ button.

Please click the images to see a clearer, larger version.

how to find good keywords

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Here are the results I get for the term ‘think and grow rich’. After (1) checking the long tail search results that are relevant to my post I then (2) download selected as a CSV file.

finding good keywords

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Right, here’s where the fun starts!

You might have noticed that some of  the monthly searches are not that great for the keywords I selected above. They will be in the Think and grow rich review that I write after this as well as in this post where I can fit them in. (have to go back and rewrite to accommodate some of them as I am writing this summary of Think and grow rich keywords on the fly.) Here is what I think will give good results when used correctly: The Alexa site info tab.

What are we doing with this tool exactly? We are finding competitors keywords, words that they actually get traffic for in our niche. If you doubt this and you are an experienced internet marketer just type your website into the site info tab at Alexa and you will probably see it is pretty accurate with the results it returns.

As a disclaimer on that previous comment , Alexa doesn’t return 100% accurate results. Some of my sites rank for keywords that don’t show up at all in the Google Adwords keyword tool or any other keyword research tool that I know of but they bring me more traffic than any of the keywords that do show up in  either Googles or Alexas results. Mainly I suspect because they are new products and not yet included in the Google Adwords keyword tool for some reason. With that said, If you knew my sites, you would pretty much know my traffic by using the Alexa site info tab.

Why would you want to search for keywords that your competitors already rank for?

Well, if your mind is set on the niche you are in or, if you are already ranking for several keywords in this area then it will allow you to search for keywords that are actually working for others. From there you can investigate further for existing keyword rankings that are not too high and move up in the rankings for each new niche keyword you can pick out that fall into this category.

Here’s how you go about finding profitable keywords with Alexa:

The first step is a simple one, just sign up for a free account at Alexa. Then I recommend you follow the steps outlined here after installing the Alexa toolbar. You can always disable it until you need to do more research if you are the paranoid type. :-) I tried this with Chrome but installing the toolbar actually installs a widget on the Chrome browser instead that does not allow you to see as many results as installing and using the firefox browser Alexa toolbar.

Remember the CSV download we got from the Google Adwords keyword tool? Pull that up and do a Google search on one of those keywords in a new tab. I’ll go with ‘Napoleon Hill Think and grow rich’ for the sake of this post, you can drill down a whole lot deeper depending on your particular niche of course.

The top 10 results for me are as follows:

  1. http://www.amazon.com/Think-Grow-Rich-Napoleon-Hill/dp/0449214923 (Not much use)
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Think_and_Grow_Rich (Not much use)
  3. http://soilandhealth.org/03sov/0304spiritpsych/030413.Hill.Think.and.Grow.Rich.pdf (A great excuse to use the longtail  keyword ‘Napoleon hill think and grow rich pdf’ but likely not of use)
  4. https://www.google.com/search?q=napoleon+hill+think+and+grow+rich&hl=en&sa=G&pws=0&prmd=imvnsbo&source=univ&tbm=shop&tbo=u&ei=0Ti0Tu-2NsnVsgaHld0O&ved=0CFcQrQQ (Google trying to sell to those interested)
  5. http://think-and-grow-rich-ebook.com/ (This looks like a great option for finding keywords)*
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYO0ydiJG3E (Not much use)
  7. http://books.google.com/books/about/Think_and_Grow_Rich.html?id=wF74Hf7G0XAC (Not much use)
  8. http://www.absolute1.net/napoleon-hill-think-and-grow-rich.html (Not much use)
  9. http://books.google.com/books/about/Think_and_Grow_Rich.html?id=c86H36mgiM4C (Not much use)
  10. http://www.naphill.org/ (Probably another great option for finding keywords)
  11. http://www.sacred-texts.com/nth/tgr/index.htm (Could be of use)

Hmm, Seems the Google top 10 results actually include 11 links if you include pages from Google to sell related items. (14 if you include the sub links) You learn something new every day. :-)

How to Find Good Keywords at Alexa

Next up, we go to the Alexa site info tab and plug in one of the above URL’s. Avoid mega popular sites because they return keyword results that are specific to them. If you want an example try pasting in result No1 ‘http://www.amazon.com/Think-Grow-Rich-Napoleon-Hill/dp/0449214923′ and you will find the results are pretty much useless to you. This cuts out No’s 1,2,4,6,7 and 9 for starters.

Sites that rank for the keyword through an individual page on the site are also likely not of much use to you, we can  get rid of No’s 3, 8 and 11 and most likely not lose out on any SEO keyword analysis info from Alexa unless these sites are pretty small. There is not much chance of finding the best keywords to fit your needs with their search results because the results at Alexa default to the Root URL.

That leaves us with No5. Not a great result but we can research related keywords in the same way or move onto page 2. The fact that Amazon, Wikipedia and Google books rank on page 1 is actually quite good! It kinda messes up my article here in some respects but it also points out that these keywords should not be too difficult to rank for. (hopefully!)

Hmm, another point: Seems we are actually targeting websites that have targeted certain keywords specifically right? It gets better!

Now we know they have started a site in the niche we want to target, lets find out what is bringing them traffic and move in on those keywords, on top of the words we have found with the Google Adwords keyword tool we are likely to find long tail keywords that fit our needs at…

No5, ‘http://think-and-grow-rich-ebook.com/ is likely finding profitable keywords in among the following information which is publicly Available @ http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/think-and-grow-rich-ebook.com#keywords:

High Impact Search Queries for Think-and-grow-rich-ebook.com

Query Impact
1 think and grow rich High
2 think and grow rich ebook High
3 think and grow rich pdf High
4 think and grow rich free Medium
5 free think and grow rich Medium
6 hill think and grow rich Medium
7 think and grow rich download Low

View the complete Search Analytics <—- Click this link in the sidebar at Alexa to see more results.


The above information is found in the right hand sidebar. You will have to be signed in and using the Firefox/Alexa toolbar to see some of the following results however.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to finding long tail keywords, Alexa also provides a list of high impact search queries for each site for extra keyword ideas in your niche. My advice is to include as many as you possibly can in your article without making it look keyword stuffed. (OK, I got away with a lot here because of tables and lists! ;-)) Make it work for you.

Search Traffic on the Rise and Decline

The top queries from search engines driving relatively more/less traffic to think-and-grow-rich-ebook.com in the current month than the previous month. Updated monthly. (Updated monthly at Alexa, not here!)

Search Query 1 Month Increase
1 think and grow rich free ebook 3.35%
2 ebook pdf free download 0.81%
3 think and grow rich napoleon hill pdf 0.65%
4 pdf ebook download 0.51%
5 think grow rich pdf 0.50%
6 napolean hill 0.48%
7 inc. and grow rich free download 0.45%
8 think and grow rich free download 0.45%
9 napolean think and grow 0.44%
10 download ebook pdf 0.44%
Search Query 1 Month Decline
1 think and grow rich pdf 6.12%
2 think and grow rich ebook 5.50%
3 think and grow rich public domain 2.40%
4 “think and grow rich ebook” 0.69%
5 how to get rich pdf 0.48%
6 napoleon hill public domain 0.34%
7 think and grow rich napoleon hill 0.33%
8 napoleon hill download 0.30%
9 publice domain books become rich 0.29%
10 think and grow rich 0.24%

Here are the keyword ideas you would be missing out on if you do not use Firefox with the Alexa toolbar installed:

High Impact Search Queries for think-and-grow-rich-ebook.com

Popular queries that are relevant to this site and are actively targeted by competitors advertising on search engines. Click on queries below to discover who is advertising for these queries.

Query Impact Factor Query Popularity QCI
think and grow rich 30.15 37 49
think and grow rich ebook 17.97 17 45
think and grow rich pdf 15.75 29 26
think and grow rich free 4.59 14 20
free think and grow rich 3.64 11 53
hill think and grow rich 2.36 2 35
think and grow rich download 1.97 14 41
“think and grow rich” 1.36 14 74
think and grow 1.16 4 15
pdf digital download 0.98 8 70
download think and grow rich 0.88 8 45
ebook riches 0.77 5 30
pdf ebook download 0.73 14 30
napolean hill 0.65 24 31
napoleon hill 0.60 36 44
ebook website 0.58 17 49
“think and grow rich” pdf 0.58 5 50
think and grow rich book 0.53 6 68
ebook download 0.53 38 38
ebook think and grow rich 0.45 5 20
think and grow rick 0.44 5 45
think grow rich pdf 0.41 9 15
pdf free download 0.39



think and grow rich online 0.39 9 25
napoleon hill pdf 0.36 8 20
think and grow rich mp3 0.36 8 80
download ebook 0.35 34 29
think rich grow rich 0.33 6 45
ebook pdf free download 0.32 13 10
free napoleon hill books 0.29 4 50

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Activity by think-and-grow-rich-ebook.com

Ads for think-and-grow-rich-ebook.com have appeared on major search engines when people performed the queries below. Click on the queries below to discover more information.

No data available for think-and-grow-rich-ebook.com

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Opportunities for think-and-grow-rich-ebook.com

Queries that provide opportunities for this site to advertise through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to get more traffic. They are popular queries that are relevant to the site, and have low competition in search engine marketing. Learn More

Query Opportunity Query Popularity QCI
think and grow rich pdf 1.96 29 26
think and grow rich free 1.81 14 20
think and grow rich 1.66 37 49
ebook pdf free download 1.62 13 10
think grow rich 1.56 8 10
think grow rich pdf 1.48 9 15
think and grow rich 201 1.45 5 10
napoleon hill public domain 1.37 4 10
digital ebook pdf download 1.36 5 10
think rich and grow 1.35 5 10
ebook think and grow rich 1.33 5 20
think and grow rich downlaod 1.33 6 10
napoleon hill pdf 1.32 8 20
google black 1.28 36 11
think and grow rich video 1.28 4 10
think and grow rich download 1.28 14 41
think and grow rich videos 1.27 5 10
inc and grow rich pdf 1.27 5 10
accurate thinking napoleon hill 1.27 5 10
how to be rich pdf 1.27 5 10

If you are not happy with the results you get from the top 10 SERP’s then move onto page 2 of the Goolge SERP’s or try a new search query from the original list. Personally I would only be happy with the following from the small amount of work we have done so far:

  1. Think and grow rich pdf
  2. Free Think and grow rich ebook
  3. Think and grow rich free ebook
  4. Think and grow rich download
  5. Napoleon Hill Think and grow rich
  6. Think and grow rich ebook pdf
  7. Think and grow rich napoleon hill pdf
  8. Think and grow rich free download
  9. download think and grow rich
  10. think and grow rich book
  11. ebook think and grow rich
  12. think and grow rich online
  13. think and grow rich mp3
  14. free napoleon hill books
  15. think and grow rich videos

I’d love to dig deeper and compile a really solid list of keywords for the upcoming post but long term I expect the keywords to be copied so I’ll leave it at that for now. If you look into this article a little more deeply you will also see that our list of 15 useful keywords above is probably more like 20+ keywords when you cut some of them down to shorter keyword terms.

Let me know what you think, could the process be improved or streamlined? Have you had any success using this? There are other tabs on the Alexa website that I didn’t even get to looking at, are they holding more secret information on how to find long tail keywords?


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  1. ShoutMeTech

    I really suck at finding long tail Keyword…Usually I use adword tool to find short but exact match Keyword… Gonna try your strategy and see how it works out for me.. :)
    ShoutMeTech recently wrote..3 Best Password Manager Software for Keeping Things SafeMy Profile

    1. Chris Naish

      Let us know how you get on with it buddy, it’s already sending a trickle of traffic my way on the test post with no linking at all.

      If you want to make life really easy for yourself however, and you have a small budget for it, I recommend this keyword suggestion tool.

  2. Mark Thompson

    Nice post, the key to successfully using longtail keywords are to focus on the ones that are “buyer” keywords. I also like to check the search phrases people are using to find my blog , these can be very revealing and give me lots of potential keywords to target.
    Mark Thompson recently wrote..Keyword Research-Focus On The Right Longtail Keywords For Quicker ResultsMy Profile

    1. Chris Naish

      Thanks for dropping in Mark!

      That’s good advice! Just read through your post on the subject and I think it’s something everybody should read.

      What do you use to track visitor search phrases btw Mark? I go for Statcounter myself cos it’s free and I’m tight. lol

  3. Mark Thompson


    I use a plugin called ranktracker I think it costs about $27 but it also tells you where you rank for the phrases
    Mark Thompson recently wrote..The Warrior Gathering VideosMy Profile

    1. Chris Naish

      Thanks Mark,

      Sounds a lot like the Keyword Strategy plugin in some respects although Keyword Strategy doesn’t give you any real visitor data other than the amount of visitors for each keyword each month.

      The upside is the internal linking on autopilot (much more controlled than some shitty plugins that interlink every word btw!)

      Nice one for the link to the Warrior gathering vids, bought it myself and looking forward to seeing you speak Mark.
      Chris Naish recently wrote..Need a Keyword Research Tool, a Keyword Tracking Tool or a WordPress Internal Links Plugin?My Profile

  4. Andrew

    Glad to visit the post! A perfect and meaningful keyword plays significant role for marketing. I’m extremely pleased to get the precious info just before starting my journey. Thanks for the useful discussion.

  5. Sreejesh

    Most traffic goes to long tail keywords and it has been very hard task to target them. I occasionally visit my alexa page, but never thought about the keyword data
    Sreejesh recently wrote..Top 3D Logo makers to create 3D logo for your businessMy Profile

  6. CmsDiary

    That’s pretty interesting. The facts you told about keyword research using Alexa were less known to me. I hope your method will help me in targeting some keywords.

  7. Govind

    Good site and most useful information about keywords which are the main source for achieving traffic to website
    govind from http://www.techworldindia.org
    Govind recently wrote..ASUS UL30Vt-X1 Thin and Light 13.3-Inch Black Laptop (11 Hours of Battery Life)My Profile

  8. Tom Dwyer

    I think a light just went on in my head! Other than the fact that you are making me return to firefox, this post on finding long tail keywords is pretty much what I was asking 4, The visuals make it “click” with my combo (Left-Right) brain.

    Key word searching is a lot like gold mining, you choose your property and get to digging, think click and grow rich is my favorite site for top information for gaining traffic to your web site.

    I’d be so lost without you Chris. You sir! Are a rock star of the S.E.O world.

    I love you brother.

    (Too much?) Nahhhhh! You really are good at what you do.
    Tom Dwyer recently wrote..Free Online Digital Photography Courses for Beginners by a Certified Professional Teacher/PhotographerMy Profile

  9. Nwosu Desmond

    Finding good long tail keywords has never been easy for me, but i will definitely give this method a trial. Thanks all the same.
    Nwosu Desmond recently wrote..How Cloud Computing Could Improve Productivity in 2013My Profile

  10. BlogIsMarketing

    I never knew that we can go such deep for finding profitable long tail keywords using Google’s Search Engine, Adwords and Alexa – all the top 3 sites for SEO research.

    By the way, if you make those questions BOLD then we will have a higher incentive in reading it.
    But i still had to read this because i came from shoutmeloud and that guy doesn’t usually post waste links inside its own post.

    Thanks a lot for such a deep research for us :) you got a new reader
    BlogIsMarketing recently wrote..Helpful Latest SEO Tips and Tricks for Higher RankingMy Profile

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