How to Get Unique Article Wizard Discount (Bonus is its Every Month!)

For ages I considered whether or not to get Unique Article Wizard, the price seemed just a little too steep for my liking however. After searching for ages to find a Unique Article Wizard discount I came across a blog that offered a little more than the usual coupon code that gets you $10 off the first month.

Now You Can Get Unique Article Wizard Discounted by $16 EVERY Month…

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The guys name is Joseph Archibald and a pretty cool guy to boot. What he offers is a rebate to your paypal account every month if you forward him proof of payment. I was a little skeptical at first I have to say, how easy is it to make that promise and then shirk it when the money is asked for? Wasn’t the case here however! I’ve been using UAW for 2 months now and Joseph has been quick to push me my discount within 24 hours of me sending him an email.

Here’s how you get the rebate:

  • Sign up to the Unique Article Wizard submission service via this link.
  • send your payment details to Joseph at this email address:

Dead easy huh? :-)

Still on the fence?

Well, Joseph just happens to be a little bit of an experienced online marketer and freelance writer. When you’re emailing him every month for your rebate I’m sure he wouldn’t mind quickly answering a few of your questions.

Tell Joseph I sent you about the Unique Article Wizard Discount, don’t tell him I said you could probe him for answers though. ;-)

Update: Get Josephs 40 Day Challenge eBook for Free When You Sign Up for UAW Discount Here

Yep, after twisting Josephs arm until it almost popped out of its socket I got him to let you have a free copy of his eBook. This book shows you how to rank a site in the top 5 spots of Google within 40 days. It normally costs $29.97 HERE (Don’t buy it there though!!!)

You get this eBook as our Unique Article Wizard bonus when you sign up today through this link, and that is ON TOP of your MONTHLY DISCOUNT! As it states above, just email Joseph ( with your details after you have made your first payment and he will get your free 40 Day Challenge eBook and first months Unique Article Wizard discount off to you right away.

2 Responses to “How to Get Unique Article Wizard Discount (Bonus is its Every Month!)”

  • Emilia on December 2, 2012

    Now this is what you call a done deal :) I’ve heard about UAW and a lot of my friends are raving about it. Thanks for sharing this promotion!

    • Chris Naish on March 6, 2013

      No probs Emelia, Joseph will look after you. :-)

      Don’t forget to ask for a copy of his book either!

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