Are WordPress Sidebar Links – Blogroll Links Good for SEO?

Are WordPress Sidebar links (blogroll links) good for SEO?

Or Will They Destroy all Your Hard Work!

The problem of sitewide links being good for SEO or not is one of the questions I have often thought about since I got started trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t with regards to link building. All of the questions or statements I have read about, or been told about that have dealt with the usage of sidebar or blogroll links have revolved around the following ‘rumours’ (facts?) and how they will effect the traffic that comes to your site via Google…

  1. Large sites linking to new sites from a blogroll might have a negative SEO effect.
  2. Large sites deep linking to new sites from a blogroll is even worse!
  3. Sidebar links are a sure fire way to ‘over optimize’ the anchor text of your incoming links.
  4. High PR sites linking to new sites from a blogroll might have a negative SEO effect.
  5. High PR sites deep linking to new sites from a blogroll is worse again.

Now, I’m sure there are going to be times when webmasters want to seek out and destroy backlinks that they do not want on rare occasions, I’m not 100% familiar with the reasoning behind this as I originally assumed that Google would give you the benefit of the doubt with regards to your backlink profile and simply disregard anything that looked ‘unnatural’.

There is further reading on the subject of unnatural links at HERE if you think this type of backlink may be harming you, but I suggest you read this post through before you jump to conclusions on any problems you may be seeing with your link profile.

The Goal and the Why of This Post

The object of this post is not really to prove or disprove any theory by anybody, it is simply to relate information on an experiment that myself and Andy Bailey (creator of the CommentLuv plugin) recently put together. Kudos to Andy for supplying the PR6 site and leaving our test link there long enough for me to get some half arsed (more on that later!) results.

The experiment started after Andy and I exchanged a few emails on the subject, I had come a cross a blog post from a concerned webmaster who had seen his keyword ranking “bouncing around all over the place” after getting sidebar links in excess of 2000 for an exact match search term that appeared in both the ‘top commentluvvers’ widget and the recent comments widget.

In my own prior experience I have seen similar “bouncing around” just from sending multiple in content links to a site to try to rank it for a search term, this is often called the ‘Google dance’ by experienced SEO’s and it is usually nothing to worry about. In private forums I have come across threads commenting on how old sites that have been ranking well for a long time while not being linked to suddenly lose rankings (and income) after a new linking campaign is started, but the person also stated that rankings will usually return in an even better position than they were previously once the Google dance settles down again.

Even more confusing is the fact that if you get a link from a good site that features your post/backlink on the front page you can see an improvement in rankings that will then drop once the post linking to you drops off of the front page. Expect a period between this drop while Google ‘deletes’ this home page link from its database. Apparently search engines are better at finding new links than removing credit for old ones that have disappeared or been removed, especially so with regards to Bing. (Not completely related I know but worth a mention while we are on the subject of backlinks from sites affecting rankings.)

In all fairness to the webmaster concerned, he did say that once other commenter’s have pushed his comment links out of the widgets the # of backlinks will drop off and hopefully things will correct themselves but it was also stated that…

  1. It may be an down to the link being on a directory site.
  2. It could help to use the upcoming option to discount incoming links via Google Webmasters Tools.

I personally disagree with both of these statements.

No1: If Google had a problem a particular directory site linking to your site, there would be no Google dance. You would be penalized, period!

No2: I’m actually torn in 2 directions on this one, see why in the ‘my advice’ bit at the bottom and feel free to comment with your thoughts…

While discussing the blogpost I talked about above, Andy and I had a small disagreement during our correspondence about whether or not blogroll links could have a negative effect on a site or not, nothing serious as Andy did not pay me a personal visit to kick my face in, (at least not yet) but it should outline the concerns webmasters have about whether or not WordPress sidebar links are good for SEO or not.

I pretty much hate arguments but I had to make it clear that if Any wanted a fight I was more than prepared to throw the head in… Get it head… tail, longtail… head keyword… sidebar links? *Sigh, crap joke I know.

Andys View (in a Nutshell)

I will see if there is any information about recent comments on sidebars hurting sites but until I see an email from google saying ‘you’re penalized because of the excessive amount of links on xyz site’ then I will take it with a pinch of salt.

I can imagine 1000 links on 1000 different domains being a problem but not 1000 pages on the same site. Google’s algorithm has got to be intelligent enough to know that links on the same site are from the same site. if they didn’t then the link to your homepage or other links that appear sitewide would completely destroy your own reputation.

My Reply:

What you had to say about 1000 pages on 1000 different domains vs 1000 pages on one domain kinda conflicts with my own personal thought/beliefs. What would be the easiest to produce for an established SEO with an old and large site? Would it be correct in G’s eyes for them to rank well simply because they hold that old site and link to their new property from thousands of pages on a sidebar link? (granted, it may not rank them at all. It also may penalise in the case of young sites…?)

Not something I’ve tested directly to be honest Andy, maybe we could try it out on a fairly young site I have, ( it ranks on page 2 for ‘mp6 player’ but brings in no revenue believe it or not so it wouldn’t be a problem if its rankings were ‘destroyed’(?) by thousands of links from a sidebar link on thousands of pages on 1 site.

Nothing to lose… Nothing to gain except intel if you know of a site that could provide this type of link. :-)

Andy… (Red text from here on in is added by me)

we may be able to test the 1000 links thing if you’re up for it? I can put a link on for ‘mp6 player’ right where the top commentators link is and on the homepage and we can monitor the sites position on google. There’s currently 15000 results on google for the site. You’d have to do the monitoring though! (Lazy bastard!*) I imagine there is a good post out of this and it’d be really nice to know for sure (at least in this limited way) that it is not 1000 links, it is 1000 links on 1000 domains using the keyword that hurts you.

you up for it? do you have a way to measure search engine rankings for a term? if you do, we can update it each week and really see what happens.


I was actually thinking about the ’1000 link test’ this morning when I woke up and thought we might have to change up the idea slightly but there is no real need. To explain…

When I’ve run across this complaint of many links from a single site hitting a new site, if I remember correctly the problem was caused when they were ‘deep links’. (To an actual post rather than the front page) I thought it was the front page that ranked for ‘mp6 player’ but it turns out it’s actually a post which is good news. We can dispel(?) the idea that deep linking hurts also from a blogroll type link.

My suggestion would be to try the link as a nofollow for a period, see what happens and then change it to a dofollow and see if that makes any difference. What kind of time frame do you think we should try? Obviously you don’t want that bloody link stuck on your site for ages but it has to be a reasonable amount of time if we are going to prove/disprove anything.



ok then let’s do the great link experiment that they’ll be singing songs about for years to come.. (OK readers, Time for you to sing… SING I SAID!!!)

send the link to the page and the exact anchor text and I’ll get it up on as a nofollow link. We’ll keep it there for a month to start with and if you can monitor its position in the search engines and take screen shots of it regularly and keep them in a folder for publishing when the nofollow experiment is finished we can change it to dofollow and see if that makes a difference.

Let the Games Begin!

First of all, let me state that no links were pointed at this site since January 2012, it was not a site I believed I could work with long term so it’s just kinda sat dormant. Prior links were pretty minimal. No links were sent to the site on my part during or since the experiment outlined here either.

We started out by adding the link at on the sidebar as ‘nofollow’ for a full month and then changed it up to a ‘dofollow’ link thereafter. Here’s what we found during that time…

Nofollow link was added on June 19th 2012, here is the tracking of the SERP placement for both Google and Bing according to Market Samurai following the change.

Rankings During Nofollow Sidebar Link Period Follow Me on Pinterest

19th June to 21st July 2012 (Nofollow Period)

As you can see from the above line graph and the chart below, the ranking improves from position 21 in Google to position 6 during the period when the nofollow link was in place.

The 3 columns in the chart below show first the rankings for Google, then for Bing followed by Yahoo. (No rankings recorded at all during this time). The final column shows the amount of backlinks found during the nofollow link period.

—-Date—- —-Position—- Backlinks
Google- Bing- Yahoo
Jun 19 21 74 7
Jun 21 30 73 160
Jun 23 19 55 551
Jun 25 28 1554
Jun 26 54 2534
Jun 28 54 3883
Jul 1 5 24 6190
Jul 3 21 6468
Jul 4 22 7127
Jul 5 4 22 7668
Jul 6 4 21 8234
Jul 8 4 25 8406
Jul 9 4 26 8406
Jul 12 4 26 8547
Jul 13 4 26 8593
Jul 14 4 55 8660
Jul 15 55 8660
Jul 16 9 55 8661
Jul 19 7 53 9030
Jul 20 5 48 9067
Jul 21 6 47 9067

Link was changed to dofollow on July 22nd 2012, here is the SERP placement from that date up until 20th September 2012.

Rankings During Dofollow Blogroll link Period Follow Me on Pinterest

22nd July to 20th September (Dofollow Period)

  • Get the exact same link to your site HERE!

As you can see by the graph above, during the period we had the dofollow WordPress sidebar links in place things only improved ever so slightly in Google but Bing saw a huge jump up to position 1 at one point! Yahoo finally decided that we were worth taking notice of on July 24th and even shot us up to position 2 on August 16th before settling in the 40′s.

—-Date—- —-Position—- Backlinks
Google- Bing- Yahoo
Jul 22 5 48 9079
Jul 23 5 51 9078
Jul 24 5 7 70 9100
Jul 26 7 42 9100
Aug 2 10 29 43 9425
Aug 9 7 25 54 9799
Aug 16 6 23 2 10020
Aug 23 7 1 42 10389
Aug 30 6 23 42 10127
Sep 6 9 10 46 9185
Sep 13 3 26 47 9162
Sep 20 4 18 40 9050

Now I know this is a little off topic but I have to apologize for the rankings only being updated on a weekly basis from the 24th of July! This is what I was talking about when I said “Half arsed results” earlier.

It seems Market Samurai decided to change up the program which I had paid for (along with thousands of others of users) so that you cannot keep tabs on rankings on a daily basis any more. On top of this, you can’t track as many keywords as you want to any more without paying what I think is an extortionate amount of money.

They recently re-launched Market Samurai on the Warrior Forum in it’s new guise and I went right over there and told them exactly what I thought of what they had done to existing customers…

Find a Market Samurai Alternative Follow Me on Pinterest

Noble Shamurai (Yes, ‘Sham’urai!)

The forum post was deleted for some reason shortly after I made it. Anyone know why freedom of speech has died on the Warrior forum? (Answers on a postcard.)

Never let it be said that I Won’t shout out BS products or what I believe is bad customer service/relations/treatment!

My advice, check out the free trial on THIS Market Samurai alternative that will keep track of an infinite amount of keywords on one site for free and for unlimited sites if you make the one time payment later.

Rank History According To Keyword Strategy Follow Me on Pinterest

Rank History for ‘MP6 Player’ According To Keyword Strategy. (More accurate as it is taken from visitor data)


My Thoughts and Observations

I have seen it said that Google may penalize corrective action (self incrimination) on posts such as this one the Google SEO trap and this one on the Google rank-modifying spammers patent. While neither of these point directly to using Google’s upcoming(?) disavow link feature there may be a reason why this tool is being made available that many may not have thought of: To catch sudden mass link removal when an SEO goes too far in his link building efforts.

My advice is not to panic too early on if you see your site drop completely out of the SERP’s, you can see in the above tables that for the term ‘MP6 player’ there was no sign of my site in the Google SERP’s on several days during the initial nofollow link period.

Exact Keyword Phrase on a Blogroll Link?

In this case I went for the exact keyword phrase which worked out pretty darn well. It also brought in traffic for the long tails targeted on the page as well as many other long tails which I would never have even dreamed of such as:

MP5 player stuck in Chinese Follow Me on Pinterest

MP5 player stuck in Chinese (Position 9)… Andy Baileys Way of Testing my Attention to Detail?

Now if you know Andy Bailey, you know he owns a Chinese Takeout. Was this you buddy? lol

Jokes aside, if what the rumours say is true about over optimizing with sidebar links then in theory you should be able to correct this by hitting a few smaller sites with sidebar links saying things like ‘’ or ‘here’ or ‘more information here’ etc. This is of course ass|u|m(e)|ing that you have not had a manual penalty.

If it is the case that sidebar links do hurt your site then perhaps it is due to the site that you are linking from being spammy, this leaves the definition of ‘spammy’ wide open I know but you can only do so much in one experiment. In our test we were linking from an aged and trusted site and it seems to have done us nothing but good. Would this continue after another G update? I don’t know is the only honest answer.

Are Sidebar Links a Quick Way to Get Indexed in Bing and Yahoo Search Engines?

This observation may be pure coincidence but I’ll let you make up your own mind on that one…

As you may remember from the graph/chart of the nofollow link period, the link was initially put in place on June 19th 2012. The following image should outline what I find interesting…

How to Get Indexed in Bing and Yahoo Quickly Follow Me on Pinterest

A Quick Way to Get Indexed in Bing and Yahoo Quickly?

Yep, both Bing and Yahoo started indexing the site exactly 2 months later and after 10,000 backlinks were accumulated.

Was it the 10,000 backlinks that made the indexing kick in or the 2 month mark? It could also be sheer coincidence so right now, it’s open for discussion…

Can Recent Comment Sidebar Links Hurt Your Site?

You can never say yes or no to a question like this but I have to sway toward saying ‘no’ myself. I sincerely believe that a lot of the fuss we see around this subject is down to the Google dance taking effect when a sidebar link is given on a comment. Even if it was hurting your site, surely once it fades into the background of a sites comments and moves off of the sidebar you would recover right?

A Challenge to WP Plugin Makers!

I like to think of myself as a little bit of a trailblazer when it comes to new ideas, others think of me as ‘full of shit’ which is likely more accurate. :-D Andy will certainly tell you that I hit him up with WP plugin ideas when the brain kicks in… Here’s a goody!

Remember I said that some search engines (apparently) don’t find out that links that have disappeared or been removed as fast as they find new existing links?

Well this plugin would give you 3/4/5/6/7 times as much bang for your buck on a sidebar link while also allowing you to add a percentage to how often a certain anchor text would be shown per page load.

My new WordPress plugin that I have no idea how to build will be called…

WP Spin Text Sidebar Comment Links!


Or just plain Commentluv with spin text enabled anchor text sidebars? :-s

Could it work?

Competition with Freebies!

Challenge No2: Can You Destroy This Sites Rankings Simply by Linking to it? (

I’m actually dead curious as to how exactly somebody could totally destroy the rankings of somebody else’s website. Are you curious also? If so I would be sure to subscribe to this post!

If you would like to take a crack at completely humping’s rankings with dodgy backlinks then drop me a line, we can do this with your name being public or private. Obviously we can only do this one person at a time but if you succeed in destroying all rankings for this site you will get a choice of any one of Andy Baileys internet marketing tools…

On top of this, if the information results in a great post detailing just how you managed to do the dirty deed, Andy will throw in a sidebar link at for a month free of charge. You saw what it did above for a 2 phrase keyword so imagine what it could do for you in some other area. This link will of course be subject to Andy’s approval, I don’t need to tell you that no affiliate links or filthy type sites featuring naughty women will be allowed. Neither will links to sites selling little blue diamonds that help you please said women.

I will of course link out to you giving you credit for totally f**king up my site also within the post that follows. :-) Same rules as above apply.

P.S. Interested in buying It certainly has good potential for somebody in the niche! Make me an offer and if nobody has taken up the challenge so far, I’ll consider selling if the price is right.

Challenge No3: If Somebody Can Destroy the Rankings, Can You Make Good and Get them Back?

Now this is the ultimate challenge that everybody would love to see achieved. If challenge 2 is completed, watch this space for an even bigger prize!

*Andy and I agreed that I would make the post on this subject due to the fact that I was doing the research, thanks to Andy for putting up with my twisted sense of humor on this post when I called him a lazy bastard. :-D


More related reading plus an interesting video can be found at on their whiteboard Friday post about sitewide, reciprocal and directory links.

You can now get the exact same backlink I used to rank the keyword ‘mp6 player’ on page 1 by going HERE.

17 Responses to “Are WordPress Sidebar Links – Blogroll Links Good for SEO?”

  • Professional Web Develpment on September 22, 2012

    May would have good or bad both effects, depends how properly you use them

  • Anton Koekemoer on October 1, 2012

    Personally – for now at least – I tend to agree with you. At this stage in time I don’t see any negative effect that blogroll has on a couple of my clients websites. Until Google tells us otherwise – I think it a nice little addition in wordpress.

  • Justin on October 2, 2012

    Hey Chris, This wasn’t my original comment. As far as I know or have seen, blog roll links are pretty much considered site-wide links. They lose a little value because they go from being on one page to however many pages are on the site. As far as effecting ranking that I have not seen. IMO I think that it loses value. As compared to a contextual one way link, I think the blog roll doesn’t even come close.
    Justin recently wrote..Palm Beach SEOMy Profile

    • Chris Naish on October 2, 2012

      Hey Justin, Thanks for coming back. Sorry for any problems you had on the first comment!

      With regards to affecting the rank, we saw what it can do above I believe. That said it is all relative IMHO, a bad blogroll link will not out perform a good in content link like you said, but a blogroll link from a site with authority is worth its weight in gold.

      Erm… Hang on… Do blogroll links weigh anything? ;-)

  • Justin on October 2, 2012

    No sweat Chris. I’m back. Here is why I stated what I said. A few months ago I posted on a blog with a link. I usually check my links every day or two. I started to see 50-300 links added per day. 300 is a lot I think from one site in one day. Now, obviously that’s probably from a “recent comments” widget or the like. Problem is, if you gain ranking from that, the “”recent comments” widget will update. About a month later I started to see hundreds of lost links per day. So if you gained ranking before, what happens now that they are gone? Also, how does Google perceive hundreds of lost links per day?
    Justin recently wrote..Delray Beach SEOMy Profile

    • Chris Naish on October 2, 2012

      That’s a good question…

      I think Google is smart enough to realise that the links are from one site like Andy said in the comment within the post. There must be millions of sites with sidebar links dropping people all the time, if it had a negative impact (as in NEGATIVE, not just losing the benefit the links previously gave you) then there would be a hell of a lot of banned/penalised websites out there for next to no reason.

      Hang on, perhaps that was what penguin was? lol

      I guess the only way around that problem is to get a true sitewide link, and make sure it is from a very relevant site that would have no problem linking in such a way naturally anyway?

  • jsmusiker123 on October 2, 2012

    I agree that Google “might” be smart enough to interpret types of links, location on site, and then take into account the variables.
    Question, where would this true site-wide link go? Can a site-wide link be in context and make sense with the site? Unless there is a paragraph on every single page that has relevant content with your link in it. And that mean another person or company would have to implement that. If not, then this site-wide link might be a footer link, which has caused much speculation saying that the value has dropped for these.

    As far as relevance goes. I am on the fence. Can Google determine what a site is about, and then determine what the linked site is about, and then base rankings on that relationship. Are press release sites relevant to what they are linked to. CNN, FOX, MSNBC- when they reference a site are they relevant. Obviously being relative can only benefit, I just don’t know how much.
    jsmusiker123 recently wrote..Boca Raton SEOMy Profile

    • Chris Naish on October 2, 2012

      “Obviously being relative can only benefit, I just don’t know how much”

      Ditto Justin, what I can tell you is that has bugger all to do with mp6 players but it still helped the ranking.

      The reason I said you should go for a sitewide link from a related site is because it wouldn’t look so out of place if you were to become subject to a manual review.

      Just trying to apply a little logic to the equation which is always a bloody mistake when dealing with Google.

      Btw, there should be a ‘reply’ button to the right of my name to reply in the same thread Justin. Gotta make that stand out more! :-)

      • jsmusiker123 on October 2, 2012

        Sorry, wasn’t paying attention to the reply button.
        Oh, got it now about your comment about the related site. I guess that just brought up a widely debated topic.

        Was anyone able to crash the site in the experiment? Isn’t it funny, people can sabotage their sites by accident and ruin a company or their own company. But when asked to purposely sabotage, what to do? Build thousands of links from a crappy site, or use the same anchor text to create a very very high exact match %. Would this cause the famous G Dance, and then come back to a higher position. hmmm
        jsmusiker123 recently wrote..Florida SEOMy Profile

        • Chris Naish on October 2, 2012

          “Crash the site”?

          Nope, nobody has officially taken up the challenge just yet, as an owner of an SEO company I imagine you have the resources to easily do some pretty harsh damage(?) with regards to ability to create mahoosive exact match links?

          Do you accept said challenge Justin? ;-)

  • jsmusiker123 on October 2, 2012

    Ok, I DEFINITELY hit the reply button this

    I said “crash the site”, should of said destroy the rankings. I am very much considering this. Not so much to hurt your site :-) , but for a case study, as well as identifying what exactly it takes to accomplish this, and then never doing it for me or a client… duh right?
    As far as resources, well we do not do any auto generated anything here. So any attempt to destroy would have to be manual. But here is the thing. IMO, at least for me, I know that I am protected against exact match. Alot of the sites I got links from initially have “visit resource” or “view site” by default as the anchor. Also, alot are just naked url’s. So when I look at my profile it goes from high % to low %: naked url, generic text, then exact match. IDK if this is the same for everyone but for alot of my clients it is. So my thought would be, how many exact match links would it take to make the exact match % over 30,40,50,60 %.
    jsmusiker123 recently wrote..Boynton Beach SEOMy Profile

    • Chris Naish on October 5, 2012

      Sorry about the delay in answering Justin, family life is busy at the min with the new baby around! :-)

      The links to this particular site were pretty minimal prior to the sitewide link being put up so the exact match for ‘MP6 player’ % probably stands at around 99% of the links pointing at the site.

      Why not go for it Justin? A case study could be good. If I was worried about hurting the site in any way I wouldn’t have put this post up mate so fill your boots! ;-)

  • jsmusiker123 on November 3, 2012

    Hey Chris,

    Wow, first you had your delay, then mine. I have been in the process of moving. Congrats on the baby!!!! And with all of G’s activity (PENALTIES) lately I have been swamped. I didn’t get hit, thank god, but I was in the process of building a lot of high PR links at the same time as the EMD / Penguin Update, so I really didn’t know at first what it was, Penguin or Bouncing around. I have to say, they do know how to keep people on their toes ;-).

    How is the baby?

    Honestly, as of now I don’t know if I could commit to the case study because I am sure that you would want consistent and regular activity, correct?? If it would be ok with you, I would commit to a hour a day. Thoughts or suggestions??
    Also, how about a Guest post on my site or Interview, kinda same thing?? Would love to have you, as I don’t really have any Blog traffic, my sites purpose is really for my services. But I want to start to engage with people thru my blog, so what a better way to start than with a appearance from you…!!!
    jsmusiker123 recently wrote..Florida SEOMy Profile

    • Chris Naish on November 8, 2012

      Charmed I’m sure Justin! lol

      Little Natisha is doing just fine, makes me smile every day as does her mother who is watching me type this so I better put in a good word there if I know what’s good for me. ;-)

      1 hour a day, sounds good. What would you plan on doing for that hour mate? Just curious as to how you would like to get going on this.

      An interview huh? Hmm… Not so sure I’m the ‘interviewee’ type, a guest post may be a possibility however. What subject are you thinking?

  • jsmusiker123 on November 8, 2012

    Hey Chris,

    Glad to hear Natisha is good :-). And yes, gotta keep the wife happy (always). I was thinking it would be spelled “Natasha”, as that would be the spelling here (US). Where are you from/located? BTW, I am in Florida so it’s 1:35 pm, 11/08/12.

    I just did a link analysis of the mp34… site and that is crazy. Since I don’t want to just post this info, I am referring to the %. I’m sure you get it. Since I was thinking of blasting exact match to low quality sites, I have to think of another strategy now. No worries, I can be very creative.

    As far as the interview/guest post, either would be great. When I said interview I just meant via. e-mail (Q and A’s) back and forth, or one e-mail with all the questions and then you reply to each. But a guest post would be awesome and better probably!! It could be on WordPress, SEO, Internet Marketing, Content Writing, anything you want, unless you want a specific topic. You tell me buddy. It’s your post, so whatever you want, you got!

    Also, I just did a Page Rank check since it’s November and saw my site jumped up. I started the new site (the one you keep seeing) July 17th of this year. So it’s been pretty much exactly 4 months and it’s now PR2. Weird thing is, some of my sub-pages are PR3 and PR4, have you ever seen that??

    Have a awesome day, or night, whichever it is where you are ;-) Just shared this page on G+ and FB…
    jsmusiker123 recently wrote..Do Backlinks Have To Be From A Relevant SiteMy Profile

    • Chris Naish on November 8, 2012

      Hey again Justin,

      The wife was happy, but scolded me for writing that. (With a coy grin on her face that said she liked it. lol)

      The name is definitely ‘Natisha’, no typo there mate. lol. My scientific mind was at work when I was looking for a name as it goes, watch this video (trying embed code in comments, lets see if it works)

      Hence the name ‘Natisha Naish’.

      I did like the name Natasha (Russian origin I believe) actually but I came across Natisha (African origin if I remember correctly) and thought it was more original, rare etc.

      And, I’m from the UK. Living in Germany at the moment however.

      As you will find out in the video, I think the name will give her a head start in life, can’t forget that name after interviews etc! ;-)

      Anyways, this is meant to be an internet marketing blog, not a name your baby blog but the lessons on the video can be used for business obviously.

      Science lesson over, moving on…. lol

      Thanks for the social help buddy, always appreciated and in this day and age, valuable. :-)

      Mp3 sites link profile: told ya! lol.

      As far as the Q&A goes, I like that idea! I could sort out a guest post at a later date, it will give me a little time to think of something. I might be able to turn you on to a few well known marketers for a Q&A also, you never know. ;-) Give me a shout from the contact page mate and I’ll be able to email you directly with my personal address from then on. Not keen on posting it here for obvious reasons.

      Righty-ho, going to click post now and then (probably) go back and edit the post cos the vid code shows instead of the vid. lol

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