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Viglink vs Skimlinks Reviews: Best Alternative to Amazon Affiliate Program?

A look at Viglink vs Skimlinks reviews with a mind to finding out which is the better alternative to Amazon affiliate program ...

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How to Keyword Research, Resources & Questions

Since I wrote my how to keyword research book for Amazon Kindle, I’ve thought a lot about whether or not I should reveal my whole method in a blog post here. The quick answer is ‘yes I should’, but that would be completely against the Amazon TOS and they would have to price match m...

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Adam Shepard One Year Lived PDF Free

Grab your Adam Shepard One Year Lived PDF Free of charge for a limited time! If you are a fan of Scratch Beginnings then you will love this follow up which has all the makings of another best seller. ...

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Anyone Own an SEO Cardiff Wales Company? Cos I Want a Cardiff SEO Job!

Now that my time in Germany is nearly over I’m looking for an SEO Cardiff Wales Company to employ me as a Cardiff SEO. My resume for this search engine optimization Cardiff job is enclosed. ...

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How to Get Unique Article Wizard Discount (Bonus is its Every Month!)

Want to get Unique Article Wizard Discount? Most coupon codes give you $10 off your 1st month. This Unique Article Wizard bonus gives money off every month, and a FREE eBook! find out just how much money you can get off it here ...

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New eBook Resource for Pinterest Marketing Success

Pinterest has been making waves this year as the content sharing service has powered its way past Bing, Yahoo! Organic Traffic, and Twitter to become the world’s 4th greatest source of referral traffic. Most website owners are discovering through analytics reports that the popular social network a...

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How to Get Backlinks From YouTube that Most People Miss Out On

Learn how to get backlinks from YouTube that many people know nothing about. If you are not doing this, you are missing out on TONS of links to your site. ...

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A list of my favorite Dumb Spam Comments (Or Showing Webmasters what Their Link Builders are up to)

Excuse me for having a really bare post, I just had to share this with you! I do get some really crappy comments but sometimes they are just really funny. Not all of the comments listed below are from this site, some are from my other sites but I think they deserve a nod. Top […] ...

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Come on Spam Me, Spam Me I’m Here, Spam Me Now!

Spam me… For crying out loud just get it over with! ...

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Are WordPress Sidebar Links – Blogroll Links Good for SEO?

It has been said that WordPress sidebar links, blogroll links or sitewide links as they are otherwise know can destroy rankings. Is this true or is it a myth? ...

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Easy Paycheck Formula Reviews on Video

Easy Paycheck Formula reviews on video and audio for those deciding on whether or not to buy Sara Young’s Easy Paycheck Formula, also includes ...

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Auto Tweet Free: Automatic Twitter Posts With No Expense

How to auto tweet free of charge to your followers and without any kind of Twitter WordPress plugin to slow down your site ...

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